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By khatetacorda - Jul 27, 2016

The size and look of the dress was exactly how I wanted!! I measured myself, and the measurements were exactly like online. The dress took about 22 days to get here, but as I was tracking my order it took less than a week to actually make it to the US after it left the storehouse. This is a great website!!

By turtle85 - Oct 19, 2016

I ordered this dress in Ivory.  I had requested them to adjust the neckline a bit to adapt to my conservative taste.  This dress came 21 days after I ordered it.  It came in a box twice the size of a rubber shoes shoebox.  Inside it was in a white dustbag with the logo of Bybridal.  The dress was inside-out when it came.  Overall, I can rate it a 4.5 stars or a 9/10.   Communication would be 10, as they responded quite promptly and made sure they could give answers to my request.  Shipment speed would be a 10 as well.  The dress itself has a bit of a different lace , though.  Not as fine as it is on the website.  But, I can see that they really tried to replicate what it was on the website.  The fit was perfect.  The fabric was heavy and rich.  The stitches were fine and on point.  One problem that I encountered though were the buttons at the back.  They were a bit loose and the loopholes were a bit fragile.  I had my mom sew them up again so, I wont lose buttons on the wedding day. But all in all.  I love this dress.  For the price, it was more than what I expected.  I had my doubts and sleepless nights worrying if I had made the right choice buying an online dress.  One more thing,  I added another petticoat under the dress to show off its full shape.  And I was delighted they adjusted the neckline according to my request.   I highly recommend this shop.  Be sure to make specific requests and ask as many questions as you like.  They would be more than willing to answer your queries.  Thank you Bybridal. I'm one satisfied bride.  I wouldn't have any other way.  Cheers from the Philippines!  <3

By saskia. - May 30, 2016

I got vintage style to my appearance wearing this vintage wedding dress. The lace flower embellishment of this vintage wedding dress is outstanding and admired my mind when I ordered it.