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By Angie - Jun 25, 2021

The tail material is stunning, literally i was so surprised, The tail of the dress is spectacular in its construction, with three types of tulle and sequins and a soft and subtle shine, it looks luxurious and transparent. ,However it is a bit heavy on the edges, some details vary in the embroidered flowers and my dress arrived white by mistake so the contrast is not seen, and it arrived very big and long for me, also they add some 2,3 am more in case doesn't fit well, i would like to know it before to ask my exact measurements or but less...it was very difficult to fix it and I paid a lot of money but.. this was the result, the train is easy to put on and take off, the dress inside is very comfy and easy to wear, it was still totally beautiful and comfortable.. never find a design like this.. unique.. not exactly the photo but the result by the price it's amazing! Very special dress! HAVE THIS DRESS DESERVE EVERYTHING

By Kristel - Apr 14, 2021

Realmente hermoso vestido. Súper recomendado

By Anna - Nov 15, 2020

Please Which size go with someone who getting small  ? 

By Cerasela Hordobetiu - Aug 26, 2020

Très belle robe comme dans la photo! 

By Bilee Abadi - Mar 28, 2019

Absolutely loved this dress although the bust could have been a bit tighter but that maybe my fault for not ordering a size 8 I didn't realize I was so small because I have big hips I was worried. But I'm actually a 6 to 8. I ordered a 10 going by their measurememts. I didn't have any alterations done because I really didn't feel it was worth doing because the dress still looked great. Maybe one day my daughter can wear it she says I looked like a princess.. I was so worried and skeptical to order online even on Bybridal because i didnt know my size because i don't normally wear dresses. I went to my local dress shop and they wouldn't so measurements on me they said they go by pants size and I'm a 9 because of my big hips and she said probably a 8 or 10 I thought a 10 or 12 so i got a 10 to be safe but really I was probably a 6 or 8. Either way I absolutely loved the dress it comes vaccumm seats but you don't need it pressed or anything because the way they fold it and when you put it on it looks just like you purchased it staright out of an expensive bridal store.. love it!! Only hard part is doing the corset back and being my first marriage and wedding dress I easing expecting to have to put it together I was thinking it came pre strung.. Just make sure you have help to get it on because you have to hold it up while they put the strings through the corset back.. also could be because I ordered a size too big but it fit fine the bust was just a little too high up and didnt fit tight like I wanted.. Either way I still lov it!!

By Angie villamizar - Jan 15, 2020

I think it's worth it but be careful with the color and the measurements.In my case It arrive very different although it is still beautiful. Mine came totally white and I had problems in translation with the store but they were very fast and punctual.

By Angie Melissa fuquen - Jan 15, 2020

The most fascinating thing about the dress is its tail that shines and its material is incredible, however I ordered it ivory and it came white and was very short and very large.  Arrange the dress at a local store.  It is a great dress that is worth buying for its design and good quality, but it is not exactly the same as the photo.

By Aiste - Jan 02, 2020

Can someone put they real wedding pictures 

By Nel - Oct 10, 2019

Can I see actual pictures please. woukd love to order this on my Big Day.

By Marina Carpio - Mar 27, 2019

Lovely Dress

By Chelde Simunek - Mar 26, 2019

Gorgeous dress, cooperative seller

By Jaiden Hackman - Mar 31, 2019

This dress is everything I could of asked for. I ordered a size 12. I love it and can not wait to get married in it. It came in the mail faster then expected. It came with a belt and veil but I had already purchased different ones because I wanted a little more bling in the belt. Overall I couldn't be happier.

By Loyse Bayle - Mar 30, 2019

This dress is beautiful. It was missing the laces for the corset and they have assured me that they will be replaced in time. Love the detail!

By Steph - Mar 29, 2019

This dress is truly amazing!!! I ordered this dress on Feb 26th and just got it today March 26th there was a slight delay but if you order this dress and open the package you'll understand about the delay. This dress is totally breath taking! So for all you ladies who are nervous about ordering this dress don't be!

By Marvell Arford - Mar 28, 2019

I'm super happy with my dress and I would recommend this ...

By nats21 - Mar 27, 2019

just got my dress it is fab custom made fits perfect it even better than the picture nice and sparkely thanks for a fab dress cant wait for the bridemaids and flower girl dress to come